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Khun Pan Golf, the well-known sliding game Kuhn Phaen has been redesigned for golfers and lovers. A nice sliding game in which the golf ball has to be "holed up". Several starts are available and the goal is to bring the golf ball down to the Locj. It is always the shortest way (the least number of trains) to find. We provide a game manual with a solution variant. Push through the Khun Pan Golf game ...
Khun Pan golf the khun phaen sliding game as a golf game version wooden games and puzzle ThailandKhun Pan golf the khun phaen sliding game as a golf game version wooden games and puzzle Thailand
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Khun Pan Golf

A likewise very tricky game of patience to push in a Golf Design.

There are different starting positions for the Khun Pan Golf which can be bought here in a nice wooden version, this is one of them:

The goal, at the Khun Pan Golf, is, as with the other Khun Pan, to move the one big piece, here in green with a hole in the hole, from the starting position only by moving it down to the middle, where then the golf ball that is is in the large plate, is holed.

The game task may seem easy, but if you have played something with it, you realize how tricky and difficult this puzzle really is. The first Khun Pan Golf variant shown here does not need 100 moves, but is still very difficult and tricky. The Khun Pan Golf is a derivative of the normal Khun Pan. According to legend, this game reflects the escape of the Khun Pan from captivity, which has been beautifully implemented as a golfer variant in this Khun Pan Golf wooden game. The big green pawn with the golf ball, if you have found the way, brings the golf ball to the hole and victory.

Fancy the golf tournament .... so try it out.

Here a solution variant for the first starting position shown in pictures:

You can find the whole solution and other starting possibilities for yourself here:  Khun Pan Golf Solution

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