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Tyrolean Roulette is a game of chance, which is suitable for children from 6 years. The game instructions are very easy and the game itself is quickly explained. The wooden balls are placed in the middle of the playing field. Turn the top. When the spinning top touches the balls, it moves them into the small numbered and colored holes in the outer frame of the playing field. To find the points, add the numbers of each hole occupied by a ball. The points with the green ball are doubled, while the points of the red ball are subtracted. All points that are achieved with a colorless ball are to be expected as shown. If a player has bullets in all holes, the bullets are placed in the middle and he is allowed to turn the rotor again.
The winner is the player who reaches the number of points set at the beginning of the game first.
Tiroler roulette tyrolean roulette twister roulette, spinning top and sphere game monkey pod wooden games thailandTiroler roulette tyrolean roulette twister roulette, spinning top and sphere game monkey pod wooden games thailand
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In Tyrolean roulette, the goal is to reach the highest possible score by turning the gyroscope on the gaming disc and win the game. The game instructions only explain which points are counted twice and which points you need to deduct. Tyrolean Roulette consists of a playing disc, a spinning top and 6 balls, each with a blue ball and a red one. These are especially important according to the game instructions.

Place the balls in the middle of the game disc. Subsequently, a certain number of points is agreed, which is to be achieved. Alternatively, you can also set a number of rounds and at the end count the points scored to determine the winner.

Play according to the game instructions

To play Tyrolean Roulette according to the game instructions, let the youngest player start. This takes the top and puts it in the middle of the game disc.
Then this is rotated. This rotation pushes the balls into each hole. There are different points at these holes.

According to the game instructions of Tyrolean Roulette, the white balls should be simply calculated, the number of red balls is doubled and the number of blue balls is deducted.

Spheres that fall off the game disk must not be reused and will not be counted. If a player has pushed all the balls into the holes, he gets the opportunity to turn the top.

At the end, the score is calculated by adding and subtracting the points, and the next player turns the top. Who has won, who has reached the agreed number of points first, or who at the end of the agreed rounds has the highest score.

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