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Pig game Pig Hole the funny mess for at home ..... All 60 piglets are evenly distributed to the other players. In the 1st round each player has a roll with the dice, in the 2nd round 2 is rolled twice. From the third round, each player can roll the dice as often as he likes. For each litter a piglet must be placed on the relevant number field. If a player rolls a number that is occupied, he must take all the pigs on the field and the next player's turn. If a player rolls a "6", he may throw a piggy into the hole in the middle of the playing field. The winner is whoever is the first to have no pigs left ...
pig hole big hole game collection with tic tac toe strategy monkey pod thai wooden gamespig hole big hole game collection with tic tac toe strategy monkey pod thai wooden games
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Pig Hole Big Hole the pig game

Pig got a new meaning .... Who first no pigs has won the pork game Pig Hole. But how to get rid of the many pigs you get constantly. A six-dice helps but that's not all ...

Content: 60 pigs and a cube

Pig Hole Funny dice game for 2-7 players at home.

The players get the same number of pigs:

at 2 pers. = 20 pigs

at 4 pers. = 15 pigs

at 6 pers. = 10 pigs

The playing field of the Schweinchenspiel is free and everyone puts the pigs in front of him on the table. In the first round everyone rolls the dice once and places one piggy each on the number rolled (eg in the case of 3 a piggy on the 3). In the second round everybody rolls twice and puts down a piggy again. In the third round (should you come by then), each player must make a duty roll and then, if he could sell something, roll as many times as he likes. No matter in which round, in the pig hole, a number field is occupied and the player who had rolled a piglet can not settle, he must take all the pigs from the entire playing field and sit down in his place on the table. You were unlucky enough to have a lot more pigs than your teammates and you might lose the swine game. Now it starts again in the first round. But wait, all get pigs they do not want. If a player rolls a 6 he can throw a piggy into the hole. This piggy is out of the game. The player can decide for himself if he continues to roll the dice or if he passes on the dice. But beware it could be busy. The winner is the Schweinchenspiel, the player who has no pigs in his place at first. A very funny game because you constantly get piggy though you do not want one. The term "pig" has a new meaning here !!! Have fun playing .... and do not forget to feed.


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