domino box 6 long wooden game

Domino with 6 eyes in the long wooden box ... slightly larger stones and enough for 4 people to play dominoes. The set consists of 28 dominoes. There are 7 doubles (same number at both ends from double-bladed to double-six) and 21 singles (different numbers at both ends or a number and a space). One of the wonderful things about dominoes is that everyone can learn the basics very quickly, but as you play and progress you will find many additional levels of the game and as your experience and skills evolve, you become a more and more impressive player , Start with this simple game and you will find that every time you play, you will get smarter. Domino is a good game for your brain to exercise. There are countless different domino games and there are many game variations in each game. The purpose of these rules is to get you started with a few simple and popular games.
domino 6 in long design wooden box from monkey pod wooden games Thailanddomino 6 in long design wooden box from monkey pod wooden games Thailand
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