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Ajongoo color cube chess the new game chess for up to 4 people ... The new game of Knobelholz.de is an exciting strategy and entertainment game for 2 to 4 people who play chess with dice ... that can be entertaining quite easy or also play very strategically ...
Ajongoo colored cube chess for 4 players as a strategic entertainment game monkey pod wooden games thailandAjongoo colored cube chess for 4 players as a strategic entertainment game monkey pod wooden games thailand
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Ajongoo new color cube chess game for 2 to 4 players

The new game of Knobelholz.de is an exciting strategy and entertainment game for 2 to 4 people playing chess with dice ... this can be entertaining very easy or very strategic play ...

The new game of knobelholz.de was an idea to give chess beginners or professionals a new challenge. Up to 4 but at least 2 players play against each other. Each player receives 4 dice with equally colored kings. A player now has e.g. 4 dice with 4 red kings another has 4 dice with 4 yellow, one 4 green and one 4 blue kings.

Each player also has 4 jumpers (horses), towers, queen and runners in different colors and 4 fields each of the dice which are colorless which represent the pawns. In the photos, below, all sides of the dice are shown with all the figures of the red player. They are to serve as a guide and each player picks a color out and seeks the matching kings in the same color together.
Game structure and start of the game of Ajongoo color cube chess

The Ajongoo color cube chess is intended as an entertaining light chess game in the family and can be played with 2 to 4 people. First put the board on the table so that each player of the Ajongoo game is sitting in front of his chosen color. The Ajongoo is for a maximum of 4 players and thus has 4 colors to choose from, so the board has 4 different color sides. The page with the two red boxes on the right and one on the left (see photo on the left) is the page for the red player. On the page (now in the photo on the right) with two green boxes on the right (top) and a green box on the left (bottom) is the game page for the green player. At the top of the photo you will find the game page for the yellow player with 2 yellow fields on the left and a yellow field on the right. On the right side in the game field in the photo is the game page for the blue player which can be recognized by the 2 blue fields on the right (below) and the one blue field on the left (above).

The pieces are set up at the beginning of the game as follows.

As an example the red player. The middle 4 squares are occupied, the respective player side, with the 4 dice handed out (see above in the photo). The left first dice must point up one runner, which matches the color of the playing field (in the photo a green runner for the red player). In the second field is a tower, in the third field is a lady and on the fourth field, a king is set. All the respective figures depicted on the cube above must match the color on the field where the cube is placed. For the red player: e.g. Sequence of figures green runner, yellow tower, blue lady and red king. As a second example for the green player: yellow runner, blue tower, red lady and green king. For more players see the photo below.

The game begins.

Now pulls the red player with his tower two spaces forward, draw the figures on the cube as in the chess,

(King: draws one space in each direction; Queen: moves diagonally and horizontally across multiple spaces in all directions; RUNNER: ONLY pulls horizontally across any number of spaces in all directions, jumpers (horse): jumps either 2 spaces in all directions and then 1 field to left or right, or a field in all directions and then 2 fields to the left or right; Tower: draws any number of fields ONLY horizontally in all directions; pawn: moves one field horizontally forward but beats diagonally to the right or left. (Attention: Exception in this game the BAUER may also draw sideways and backwards horizontally and also strike diagonally in all directions)

the cube with the yellow tower stands on a green field. Now the cube must be turned into the respective color that matches the field. The yellow tower turns into a green knight (horse) who behaves like a jumper on the next move.

Next, the green player, to the right of the red player, with a red queen draws 3 spaces forward onto a red space. This figure remains because it stands again on a red field.

The yellow player is now pulling, e.g. his red tower 3 fields forward on a red field where the lady of the green player stands and beats the lady. Since he also has a red pawn on his cube, this remains a red tower. If he had set to a different colored field he must turn the cube in a new color (figure).

Now the yellow player has one less die. This is how it is played until one last player has another dice left to win.

The Ajongoo game can be played as a social game entertaining and relaxing but also strictly strategic if you anticipate




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