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jenga tower medium wobble tower

Jenga tower the middle wobble tower as a game for the whole family. Jenga tower medium the middle rocking tower. The Jenga board game is about defying the laws of gravity with a lot of tact. From a tower of wooden blocks as many elements as possible must be removed, without the whole collapses. Of course, there is a lot of excitement, because the more artistic and airy the wobble tower becomes, the more difficult it is, of course. The higher the tower, the greater the risk of collapse! With each round, the tower gets higher and wobbly; the voltage increases! A wonderfully exciting game for several people or alone. A wonderful way to train your own fine motor skills in a fun way! In the included wooden case, the blocks can be stored visually appealing and above all neat.
wobbly tower of the wobble tower medium wobbly tower variant from monkey pod wood games Thailand