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hus bao bao small strategy game

Pebble game, Hus or Bao Bao, semi-precious stone game in a small wooden board version is a variation of the African bean game Kalaha or Mancala called. Bao Bao or Hus is a strategic game for 2 players. Hus is one of the games of the Mankala family, one of the oldest in human entertainment. Hus is a game that is easy to play, but when it comes to how to win, it becomes much harder. In terms of all variations of the game, the rules described correspond to an asymmetric game played with 2 pieces. Hus needs a board with 32 pits, each 2 x 8 hollows longitudinally to the players. The territory of each player is the 16 pits on his side of the board and a large hollow among the 16 hollows of the game board for the storage of the won pieces. In addition, 48 stones are needed, which can also be different ....
hus the semi-precious stone game bao bao with 32 troughs and 48 tiles from monkey pod wooden games thailand