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colored sudoku 9x9 box (multicolor) sudoku

Sudoku Color Box 9x9 the 9-color cult puzzle in 9x9 rows of numbers. Can you manage every color in every row only once? This is a beautiful wooden version of the internationally popular sudoku logic game. Our handmade and colorful sudoku game can be played over and over again, making it a great gift for any sudoku enthusiast. The colors of the pens represent the numbers, so you can easily assign a color to each number and play the sudoku with colors like a sudoku with numbers and use the templates of the newspapers. We offer three different patterns (easy, medium and hard), but you can easily find many other patterns for endless hours of entertainment. This game comes in a handmade wooden box for safekeeping. sudoku fever continues ...
Colored sudoku colour sudoku 9x9 in einer wooden box aus monkey pod thai wooden games